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Fixed Indemnity Plan

Fixed Indemnity PlanHospital Indemnity plans supplement a major medical health plan.  It helps pay for the gap of your deductibles and coinsurance, which are the first 2 expenses that should be met before the plan provider pays for their cost-sharing.  There is no restriction when you can enroll. You can also cancel anytime.   This plan cannot be offered to individuals who are 65 or older.

Who should consider purchasing this plan?

  • High-income earners, who are healthy and do not want to spend a high monthly premium on the major medical health insurance plan.
  • Self-employed who are 1099 and cannot afford the premium of the major medical health insurance.
  • Business entity group that looks for additional policy to cover the gap of their group deductibles.

There are many details to consider when choosing your plan.  Consider working with us! We can simplify things for you and get the right coverage you are looking for.

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