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Financial Bloc Inc specializes in life insurance, health insurance, and Medicare.

Your Local Boca Raton Independent Insurance Agency

Our Vision

We want to see a world of well-informed people who are secured and live with peace of mind knowing that they are covered for any unexpected life events and knowing that they are getting the most out of their hard-earned resources. To do this, we help design the most thought out insurance plans that will assist you at every stage of life.

Financial Bloc Inc is one of the most reliable names for full-service health and life insurance advice. Our team of dedicated and experienced insurance professionals, based in South Florida, is driven to give you the best individually-tailored products for the maximum benefits and the most economical cost.

When purchasing insurance there is a need to understand what you are buying – our advisers specialize in tailored face-to-face advice for customers who prefer to deal with real people rather than online forms and calculators. We represent the leading insurance companies and have extensive experience in the insurance industry – this means FinancialBloc’s customers can be confident they will get:

  • The best terms
  • The best premium pricing
  • A quality insurer who won’t let them down at claim time
  • Get free advice from advisers that have a wealth of experience
  • Be confident you are buying the right insurance and level of cover
  • Have our personal support, from quote to claim
  • With FinancialBloc’s free service there’s no obligation to buy

Why Work With Us?

Personalized solutions
Our one-on-one approach ensures that each client gets a personalized insurance solution based on their particular life situation. We understand that there is not one universal insurance plan.
Convenient interactions
We utilize technology to provide fast communications, streamlined enrollment process, and timely delivered coverage resulting in providing enhanced customer experiences on services.
Value for money
All plans that we help design, we aim to provide the most valuable benefits and minimize all possible cost.
Privacy and integrity
We operate our business with transparency and integrity. Your privacy is of utmost importance so we do not ask for any private information unless you apply for a policy. Trust that all information exchanged will be kept confidential.
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